My Experience At Angels Stadium

Obviously like any stadium of any sport all people have their own opinions. Also like many people I am going to share mine.

Well, first of all like all stadiums they’re not exactly LUXURY but obviously, some are better than others. Where does the Angels stadium fall?

The Angels stadium was built in 1998 and was originally known as Anaheim stadium and was later known Edison International Field of Anaheim. The stadium’s original cost $24 million and $117 million in renovations.

So the big question! where does the Angels stadium stand? In my opinion towards the top. The food quality is…okay, the parking is good, and the seat views are high end.

super bowl LIII Pregame

so, as with every Super Bowl, there is controversy over who is going to win. with the Rams topping out over the Patriots for offense but the other way around for defense this Super bowl is going to get interesting. After the Rams saints game, there will be very little people voting for the Rams. Although the Rams might very well have a chance. will there unstoppable offense and defense even though the Patriots top out over the Rams in defense. on the other hand, Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriot’s offense can very easily take down the Rams defense.

so whether you like the Pats or the Rams or anybody in between just check in for the post-game article to let you off on a good note.